With reactions yet to subside to her almost unrecognizable and pitiable figure which was recently published online, the embattled former Petroleum Minister,
Diezani Alison-Madueke, has denied a rumour that has been in the public domain for a long time that she is former President Goodluck Jonathan’s concubine. The ex-minister, who is undergoing treatment in the UK for breast cancer, rubbished the rumour as a deliberate attempt to tarnish her hard-earned reputation as a successful and happily married woman. Diezani made these views known in an interview published by The
Boss magazine in London. The ex-minister, who strutted

Nigeria’s political landscape like a colossus, was defending herself against a barrage of accusations that she one of, if not the most corrupt public official of her time. The Jonathans, Diezani said, had been family friends long before the ex-president came into office. She added that her mother, Beatrice Agama, who is also at the centre of corruption allegations, had always played the role of a godmother in the Niger
Delta and is loved by all militants. According to the former minister, she is happily married and would not do anything to break up her home or smear herself in the eyes of her husband, children and family members. Responding to rumours that her sister had a child for Jonathan, the former petroleum minister wondered how anyone could fabricate such tales saying, “That is totally untrue as I don’t have any such sister or relative!” On her relationship with former
First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan, who was rumoured to despise her for allegedly sleeping with the former president, Diezani described it as cordial, saying she accorded the former the respect she should give the wife of her boss.