Permithias was on a high last night after escaping eviction. And so the game-playing smooth talker was back with a bang hitting on some of the girls, rile others up and generally causing a stir wherever he was. It seemed a guitar was the only thing that could centre him – if not put a sock in it.

Indeed one could never put a finger on Permithias, which was a good and a bad thing inside the house. If he wasn’t making magic on his guitar and sweeping everyone off their feet with his talent he was sure to be rubbing some poor soul up the wrong way.

Last week, many housemates complained that he wasn’t putting enough effort in the extravaganza task because he was distracted from being nominated, now he was all smiles like he hadn’t cost his team, the sliver team, with a half-hearted performance.

After flirting the roof off with Ellah he took off on mission to be mischievous and Sipe was his target. He made the mistake of stealing her drink, just for the shots and giggles, but this was another shot that back fired. Sipe, who loves her drink, put the joker in his place warning that he’d never out-smart her so he should just quit it.